Our school utilizes a blended flex model to ensure that students are getting the best education possible.

Blended learning is anytime an instructor uses technology and face-to-face instruction to teach their students. There are many different approaches to blended learning with varying degrees of tech integration. We use a fully online curriculum to deliver our instruction, and we have full time teachers that are available in our learning center to work with students in person. These teachers evaluate student needs, personalize instruction, and provide whole and small group learning opportunities.

Flex models allow students to move through their curriculum at a pace that meets their learning needs. Our platform assigns due dates, but students have choice over which assignments to do first and how long to spend on them. This means that students have the ability to spend more time on challenging concepts and assignments and move more quickly through ones that they have mastered.

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Students at Career Path High enroll in a college program at Davis Technical College when they are Juniors and Seniors. While students are generating progress in their college programs, they are also earning elective and CTE credit toward’s their high school diploma. Students who complete their program during high school receive a Career or Advanced Career Diploma.

Career Path High’s partnership with the Higher Education Institution, Davis Technical College (Davis Tech), will create a learning community that empowers students and fosters achievement. Through an optimal blend of virtual instruction and hands-on mentored training, our students will receive a world-class education that prepares them to be strong leaders and contributing citizens. Our model is based on the commitment that every student will graduate with a high school diploma and a pathway to a career through technical certification and/or college. The goal is 100% student placement either in the workforce, an institution of higher education, or continuation in an Technical College program.

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CPH Mission & Vision

Career Path High is a cutting-edge, blended learning high school that integrates innovative technology and best-in-class education strategies to provide each student with a personalized learning plan and a direct pathway to college and career. We are a tuition-free public charter school with no enrollment boundaries serving 9-12 grade students.

Our students are simultaneously immersed in a high school track while experiencing a college environment on Davis Technical College's campus. We give our students a unique opportunity to access a 21st Century college model with premier facilities, lab environments, and Davis Tech's schools of expertise.